What about FaceBook
           Popular culture of the XX century gave birth to one of the biggest fears in the history of modern
           The film industry actively crates and promotes images of the horrific future where people fight in cruel and unequal war with their own creation - artificial mind, which, in various forms, is trying to enslave, but more often to destroy their creators with nuclear weapons, monstrous viruses or war machines-assassins, programmed to destroy people.
           The idea of the destruction of humanity from the iron hands of artificial mind for decades excites the minds of millions of people.
Unfortunately, none of us is aware of this awful future that we have seen only in movies, very soon will become a reality. Here's how it happens...
From a scientific point of view artificial mind is a self-learning neural network that has access to a vast, constantly updated world database, all existing objects and the relationships between them. Roughly speaking, the neural network (an artificial model of the brain) reads this great book of knowledge and learns through it, and gradually regains consciousness.
Specialists are able to create neural networks for a long time.
           But where or how do we get such large-scale database?
            Scientists have tried to fill it by themselves. But human resources have never been enough for this and the works were closed. Unsuccessful attempts to create this great database have continued for decades, till the project FaceBook has appeared in the depths of the Harvard University.
           In December 2011, social network FaceBook officially announced about more than 850 million of registered users.
Just think: nearly a billion of people every day send each other trillions of messages on FaceBook. Over the years, social network users have discussed all possible topics.
Every day people leave in FaceBook trillions of information status, text entries, photos and video.
           Fill in the profiles, indicate their interests and other personal characteristics emphasize their emotional
state with smiles, put "Like", showing what they like.
           We voluntarily tell the social network all about ourselves, creating our perfect digital replica.
           There is no more complete encyclopedia to learn ways of thinking and life than Facebook.
Do not forget that the Harvard University whose graduate Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of FaceBook, has one of the leading research centers in the field of artificial mind.
Now imagine that self-learning neural network which an artificial model of the human brain has access to the information held on servers FaceBook.
           A billion of people every day tell to this neural network everything about themselves.
It seems that this is a huge flow of information, but for today's high-performance systems analyze these data for a couple of hours.
           Every day, self-learning neural network read a biography of all mankind.
It's the same as if they gave you to read a biography of Adolf Hitler, written on a few pages. Even if you do not know his story in details, you will note this man.
However, the neural network knows more about us than all the psychologists and psychiatrists around the world. It knows what dangers we present for it, for ourselves and our planet.
           The only question is, what conclusions the neural network will do of its knowledge, and what it will do further.
           Perhaps we're lucky. Although whom do we deceive...
           That's why we created a fast high performance social network for those who don’t want be a doll in the hand of Facebook.
           www.KabulJan.af- an independent social network by developers from an
independent country!
16 Jun 2016 at 02:18
fu man just facebook has games but i can't play cool games here but i love kabuljan cause it is kabuljan
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